(Mis) lipreading

Some people are really good lipreaders.  Some are not.  Actually, even the best lipreaders are only catching a few words they see on the lips of the speaker and the rest they are piecing together from context.  So, lipreading really has a lot to do with being able to pay rapt attention and then figure it all out.  For example, have you ever had trouble understanding someone, and then all of the sudden get it a minute later?  Yeah, no wonder it’s exhausting!   Anyway, here’s some words/phrases that look the same or similar on the lips:

thaw – the car

share – chair

salad – talent

bike – mike

stupid – show me

peas – beets

fifteen – fifty

dish – quiche

paint – bacon

catch – cash

wind – won

berries – married

LMNOP – jalapeno

So, what have YOU mis-lip-read?!
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