Lip-reading TEST!


IMG_1703Who’s a good lip-reader?  Are you ready to prove it?!

I came across The Chums Lip Reading Challenge, and want to encourage all you lip-readers to belly up to the proverbial test-table because this thing is fun.  

Lip-reading is one of those inborn talents.  Frankly, people have it or they don’t, like musical abilities.  Sure it’s possible to pick up some helpful pointers acquired through classes, videos, and practice, but like the kid forced to take piano lessons for years, without the musical talent, let’s face it – the kid’s going to suck.

Anyway, here’s your chance to see if you’ve got All the Right Moves.  Post your score in the comments!  Major bragging rights at stake!

Chums Lip Reading Challenge

6 thoughts on “Lip-reading TEST!

  1. I scored 47 and was really surprised. Are these British speakers……….weird that I would even notice.

    Love your blog Jennifer!

    • Thanks Pat! Wow 47?! That’s awesome. Highest score I’ve seen so far. I thought I aced it and only got a 33! Lol

  2. Hi…I know the ‘lip reading challenge’ (from May) is over, and I’m just now reading this blog (and it’s Sept 28th) but would really like to try the ‘challenge’ just to see how I do. I clicked on the link and it took me to the lip reading challenge page..but I only see a partial view of what says ‘Question one’..and no video clips etc. that I can see, etc. Is there a way to still do the lip reading challenge?

    • Hi Patt, so sorry you’re having trouble! I checked the link and it worked ok for me, but I know in the past it was hard to access from other locations due to the strength of the Internet connection and/or your browser (safari, Internet explorer, etc). So if possible maybe try accessing it on a different browser or check your Internet connection. It should only be temporary. And don’t worry, the challenge is ongoing. If anything, hopefully we’ll see more and more of these :)

      • Okay, great! And thanks for replying so quickly! It could very well be my internet connection. It’s always been strong and steady…but this past weekend, especially today it’s slow and I though I haven’t ‘lost connection’ it ‘times out’ and seems ‘weak’. But usually I’m able to finally get a page, or photo to open. But with the ‘lip reading challenge’ relying on video clips, it likely requires both strong and steady! SO…I’ll try again tomorrow! :)

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