Deaf Mama at the Movies

My first solo venture to the movies with both kiddos to see Sing! was an ad-venture as everything seems to be with them..
I burned a hole in my popcorn bowl prior to leaving. I am an expert at sneaking contraband into places, but apparently I get hit with the karma beforehand.
We arrived early, but I drove to the wrong theater.
In trying to find the right theater, my phone loses all reception.
We finally get into the right theater and by the time we pick up my captioned glasses AND use the potty (all 3 of us in a stall PLUS the aforementioned contraband and equipment) the theater is packed so we sit in the VERY front row looking skyward.

The bendy seats nearly swallow the kids. Their feet were straight up next to their ears.
They enjoy sitting in holes apparently as long as they have snacks.My captions were diagonal across my glasses and I therefore convinced myself this is proof my ears are lopsided.

I then wondered how often they cleaned the glasses and if I could get pink eye.

My son, who has been exposed to fluent sign language since birth decides climbing on my lap, placing his face in front of my glasses yelling, “MAMA, I WANT ANOTHER SNACK” during a packed movie is the communication of choice.

And when he runs out of snacks, he pounces to the left to try and steal his sister’s gummy bunnies. Crinkling wrappers, rifling and “hey! shh! shh!” ensues.

Above kerfuffle nearly makes the weight of my glasses fling my hearing aid on the floor. Fortunately, this is perhaps the only circumstance that will spring my hand-eye coordination to Olympic levels. #nonodontyoueventhinkit

He finally settles on my lap for the ending musical numbers (insisting on WEARING my captioned glasses, but at this point I’ll take it) and the best part of this movie for me was the big gorilla and his finale: Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Because indeed I am.

#imstillstanding #sing #deafmama #kodakids

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