A Tale of 2 Hearing-Aid-Wearing Parents

Hubs just got his hearing aid fixed after being out of commission for a week + and is now hyper-aware of the sounds in all the land once again. Our children are playing in another room.

Hubs: The kids are screaming, aren’t you going to go see what’s going on?

Me: No, they’re just playing.

Hubs: How do you know?

Me: Because the screaming is taking turns. Imagine they are chickens. Right now they’re like,

“B, bawk.”
“Ba ba, bawk.”
“Bawk, bawk.”

But when it’s prolonged like, “BAAAAAAAAAAAWAWAWAWAWWWWKKK” and obviously any accompanying noises like running, thumping, or you know crashing, then I go.”

#themoreyouknow #silenceisgolden

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2 thoughts on “A Tale of 2 Hearing-Aid-Wearing Parents

  1. I had the same thing happen after a week of not having mine as well.. I was telling everyone in my family to stop talking so loud it was driving me crazy! LOL.

  2. Hey Jen….thanks for these stories…..you’re a great storyteller. Loved this one and the one of you in the theatre with the kids!! Excellent writing! I love all your articles…xoxoxo

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