Calling all Deaf Business Owners!

#deaftalent #supportdeafbusiness

#deaftalent #supportdeafbusiness

Are you a Deaf or hard of hearing business owner? I want to hear from you! Sound for Light is ever evolving and I’d love to throw my support behind other D/deaf businesses by potentially adding you to my resource pages as well as start some great discussions on the D/deaf experience in the workplace for inclusion in future articles. Let’s lift each other!

To participate, please fill out this form.

Questions? Shoot me a message here or email me at


3 thoughts on “Calling all Deaf Business Owners!

  1. Although not a business owner, I wanted to applaud this wonderful initiative of yours. I became suddenly deaf overnight 10 years ago, and try to advocate whenever and wherever I can for the d/Deaf and HOH. BTW, I was introduced to your blog this am and loved the Dentist post!!!

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