Lipreading Resources

As I’ve touched on in previous articles, lipreading is, at best, an art.  One of the most common questions I have been asked by those who are losing their hearing or have loved ones who are is, “Where can I learn?”.  The answer, I believe is not in location but in time.  Your personal experience in navigating communication with hearing loss and your natural abilities will dictate your ability to lipread well. There are, however, some cool tools I have discovered that can test your abilities and give you some practice.  Check these out.

Charlie’s Lipreading Challenge

FREE Lipreading Practice!

Lipreading Courses for Purchase


(software) Lessons in Lipreading and Listening $85

Hearing Visions

(software) I See What You Say DVD with Manual $49


Lipreading course and tools from Australian researcher Mary Allen, PhD, an experienced lipreader.

Products such as cards, CD-ROMs and DVDs range from $AU25 – $AU65

Sense Synergy

Read My Quips

Puzzles and exercises to enhance speechreading/lipreading in noise

$39.99 for starter and $99.99 for home complete systems


Natural Vs. Taught Lipreading



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