Affording Hearing Aids

In the US, only a few insurance plans cover the cost of hearing aids.  Many people end up paying out of pocket or forgoing hearing aids until they can afford them, if ever.  Below are some resources to check out before choosing either route. Of course do first check with your insurance to find out if you are covered or not.

*This list will be updated as more resources become available. 
Government/State Programs
Medicaid will sometimes cover all of part of the cost of hearing aids, and varies by state.  
Your state Department of Rehabilitation or Vocational Rehabilitation will sometimes cover all or part of the cost of hearing aids if they are necessary to job performance/getting a job.  Check with your local state department of vocational rehabilitation.  You can usually find this by accessing your state’s website.  
TRICARE will cover hearing aids ONLY for active military family members with specific thresholds.  They do NOT cover hearing aids for retirees. Retirees would be directed to the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Income-based programs  
Starkey Hearing Foundation – Hear Now Program – Application-based program for very low-income individuals which provides new, customized digital hearing aids for a small processing fee to those who qualify.
Lions Clubs – These are volunteer based programs that provide recycled hearing aids customized to those who qualify financially for a small processing fee. The Lions programs are funded and administrated locally.  Use this page to open the club locator link.
AUDIENT Alliance – Provides discounted, new hearing aids to those who qualify financially.  Also income-based, but has higher allowable income levels 
Foundation for Sight and Sound – Help America Hear Program – Provides new customized hearing aids to those who qualify financially.  Level of assistance is based upon matching qualifications to a tier system. 
Children’s Programs and Scholarships
Miracle Ear Children’s Foundation – Provides  assistance for children up to 18 years old. Family’s income level must be that they do NOT qualify for public assistance.
Traveler’s Protective Association Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired -Provides assistance in obtaining mechanical devices, medical or specialized treatment or specialized education that is directly related to hearing impairment
The Hike Fund, Inc (Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund) awards funds to all children and adolescents from birth to the age of 20 years that have demonstrated both a medical and financial need. Recipients can reapply for an additional award after four years. There is no limit on the number of awards given per family.
Other ways to finance hearing aids
If you don’t qualify for a government or income-based program, you may want to consider CareCredit – a patient finance program. It’s the same as applying for a credit card but it’s used for healthcare services. You can first find an audiologist of hearing aid dispenser which accepts care credit when you are looking to purchase one.


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