Telecommunications (Phones)

Have you ever wondered how deaf and hard of hearing people make phone calls? Heres how:

Videophone/Video Relay Services (for American Sign Language users, must have WIFI connection, no phone line needed)

Captioned Phones: Caption Call or Cap-tel (for those who prefer to use their own voice to speak and then READ what the hearing party is saying. Requires a WIFI connection AND a land phone line)

TTY/TDD: An older technology which is a keyboard that connects to an analog phone line and allows the user to type back and forth with another TTY/TDD user OR call a hearing party via a relay operator. Requires only a land phone line (or a cell phone connection if using the TTY feature on your smartphone).

There are also smart phone apps from various VRS/captioned phone providers that allow the user to use any of the above types of connection.  Only a cell/smart phone with a good connection would be needed.

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